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{\*\generator Msftedit;}\viewkind4\uc1\pard\f0\fs20 the year is 178 B.T.F. 2031 A.d. earth years on the planet Ragnarok it's inhabitant's were call the kelbal we on earth knew them as the mythical creatures ELVES\par
legend says that on kelbal there is a guardian who safe guards the entire planet this title is only held to one family on this day kotoro the only surviving member of this blood line gives birth to twin boys and she names them....\par
makoto and seshiro\par
now according to legend there can only be one guardian at a time so the prospect of twins perplexed the people of kelbal\par
so with not knowing which of them would become the guardian the decided to train both for the task\par
now 1000 years later nearing the completion of their training makoto and seshiro begin their training to reach the ultimate power for their blood line ....... the "guardian form" a transformation that allows the true guardian to be virtually invinceable\par
three months in to the guardian form training seshiro seems to be struggling to grasp what is need of hi to make the transformation when suddenly a blazing light to his left nearly blinds him when he regains visibility he see's makoto but this is not the makoto he grew with this makoto's marking glowed a vibrant red and where his eyes were now only left a red light to be seen\par
realizing in an instant that his brother was the true guardian he left with out so much as a word no one heard from him for 3 months during this time while makoto grew in to his powers makoto became complacent and began to look down on his people knowing they were weaker then him soon he started killing indiscriminately\par
news of this soon reached seshiro in a panic seshiro set out to find his doppelganger when he found makoto he was no longer the guardian he left he was now a monstrous killer who lacked compassion seshiro used what he had learned over the centuries and made an attempt to stop makoto but he all but succeeded makoto slapped seshiro in the face shooting him thru the city like a bullet fly from a gun crashing in to a building seshiro finaly came to a stop suddenly an aura came shooting from the ground like a rocket before makoto could react seshiro had him by the face slamming him to the ground head first makoto was now unconscious\par
waking up makoto realized he was no longer in guardian form confused he began to realize what had just happen he realized that he and his twin we both guardians\par
he then try to search out his brother he did not see him anywhere when he then looked at the sky to see his brother shooting blasts of energy at the people they were sworn to protect he then came to a final realization the guardian form had driven his brother insane transforming back to guardian form makoto makes an attempt to stop his brother but the unrestrained power over whelmed his own\par
suddenly seshiro formed a energy so large it could blow up the earth 10x\par
shooting it at makoto, makoto doges the blast then soon realizes that it i sheading for the planet but he was too late and in a light more blinding then the sun their planet was destroyed\par
the blasted crated a black hole sucking makoto and seshiro in to it transporting them 2000 years in to the future to earth\par
and thats what i've got so far ^_^\par
this is a rough draft
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November 26, 2012
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